Also introducing "The Butterfly of the Week," my new weekly live video event. Biden Makes Multiple False Statements About Guns and the Second Amendment (VIDEO), FBI and Chris Wray Missed Nashville School Shooters Manifesto and Final Messages Instead Focused on Empowering Female Officers in Diversity Pledge on SAME DAY as Shooting. This deliberately stage violence by trans bolsheviks is being used to create an aura of untouchability just as BLM and Antifa enjoyed virtual impunity. POSTERS The only deaths that matter are COVID deaths (diagnosed with a fraudulent test). Everything You Should Know About Animal Experiments, Toxicology vs Virology: Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud, The End of Germ Theory Documentary: An Easy-to-Understand, Step-by-Step Analysis of the History of Germ & Virus Theory The Big Pharma Cartel & the Deep Deception of Viral Pandemics, Gates, Fauci, Schwab & Crimes Against Humanity, Viruses, Vaccines & History of Modern Medicine, Dr. David Martin Releases The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier | 205 Pages, 22 Years of Research. BREAKING: Trump to Be Indicted Wednesday, Will Be Asked to Surrender for Arraignment Next Week According to Report, The Scourge of Everything US/Western: Humanitys Life Threatening Curse, Biden Kills Bill To Reverse ESG Investing Rule, Gov. 130 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<66DB5D6EC699894E9935D88937A0419E><2440F8DA66973F409C06CD213CB2FD12>]/Index[113 25]/Info 112 0 R/Length 94/Prev 916901/Root 114 0 R/Size 138/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Its Moving, Its Alive! You thats right, one person can make a difference. Sabbatean-Frankist and Freemason Zelensky tries to Close Down an Orthodox Christian Monastery but the Faithfull Rebel! Support three important vaccine bills in Texas! Facebook gives people the power to. This is what corporate sabotage looks like when woke companies attack truth-telling platforms. (Video), Josh Hawley Explodes At Mayorkas Over App He Says Helps Illegal Immigrants Enter US (Video), Reiss has probably had more impact on radical weaponized prosecutors around the country than any other single individual.. Michigan State University Language Police Warn Of Offensive Words Like America, Female, Wreaths, Elon Musk Confirms Development Of Non-Woke AI Bot TruthGPT To Rival Microsoft And Google, Dadeville Alabamas False Flag Mass Shooting Carried Out by NWO Globalists to CON the South to Give Up Guns (See photo propaganda), OVER THE TOP! Dr David Martin Vaccinated People More Likely to Contract COVID-19, Go to Hospital in Recent Weeks: CDC Data"According to the data, which is submitted to the CDC by health departments across the country, the COVID-19 case rate in fully vaccinated people rose by more than 1,000 percent between Dec. 11, 2021, and Jan. 8, 2022. (Video), Racist Nominee STUMPED By One SIMPLE Question Faces REJECTION Instantly (Video), Watch how an independent journalist handles unlawful detainment (Video), Heres how the WEF is cynically using the celebrity society to sell their bug diet to all off us plebesand Nicole Kidman is not even really eating any insects as the strategically timed cuts confirm. My campaign is not about political aspirations but rather about teaching history and breaking free from the tyrannical regime. Vaccinated People More Likely to Contract COVID-19, Go to Hospital in Recent Weeks: CDC Data. 1.The Governor of Virginia could not have known that there was a virulent outbreak caused by a single pathogen (reportedly SARS CoV-2) when declaring the State of Emergency; 2.No scientific evidence has been offered justifying the declaration mere reporting of mortality and morbidity based on pneumonia symptoms does not an epidemic or pandemic make; 3.The Governor failed to provide adequate testing to confirm or deny the presence or absence of a novel coronavirus and, based on recent reports from incarcerated persons, it would appear that positive tests COULD NOT have been based on community transmission as 96% of confined persons have tested positive according to Reuters; and, 4.No effort has been made by the Governor or regional health authorities to overturn the established science published in JAMA that facemasks should not be worn by healthy individuals ( and that social distancing that involves the confinement of healthy individuals has neither been tested nor validated with any science whatsoever. Tomorrow on David Martin and Kim Martin's #butterflyoftheweek, we will be giving everyone a SNEAK PEAK at ou. Merrick Garland Lies Under Oath Exposed for Telling US Marshals NOT to Arrest Leftist Protesters Outside SCOTUS Justices Homes But Calls for 1,000 More Arrests of Trump Supporters Standing Outside US Capitol on Jan. 6. It looks like the Biden admin is disappearing the Ukraine War after so much bad news and wasted US taxpayer money were thrown at it without an iota of accountability. Powered by MCAM Future Of.. have no clue just how precarious the Global Economic & Financial System really is. They cant use it because they dont have it. Here's the Butterfly of the Week, a weekly event where we go live on Facebook to break down and discuss a contemporary topic, with viewer participation greatly encouraged. Putting humanity back into humans and business, Arlington Institute Transition Talks Historical Berkeley Springs, WV One of the biggest big-picture thinkers in the world, Dr. David Martin, is coming back to, David Martin presents: 2027: The Next Big Financial Disruption July 23, 2022 Click here to purchase tickets on the Arlington Institutes website. REPORT: John Fetterman Has Missed Over 80 Percent of Senate Roll Call Votes Since Checking Into Hospital. Alejandro Mayorkas SLAMMED for making overwhelming border crisis much worse. (Video), The Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign is Off to an Awkward Start Only 1,800 People Tune In to Watch Joe and Kamala Crash and Burn on Campaign Call (VIDEO), Guns, Drugs, & Human Trafficking according to truth-teller Mike Gill (Video), MAJOR TRAIN DERAILMENT WISCONSIN HAZ MAT INTO MISSISSIPPI RIVER (Video), IRS Plans to Hire Gun-Carrying Special Agents and Authorized Arrests in All 50 States, Whistleblower Who Was Reportedly About to Reveal Explosive Information On the Biden Crime Familys Corruption Has Disappeared. Breathing Enterprise teaches, consults, facilitates and models the principles of creating high-performance generative business, economic & social systems. Thats because we see the outer edges and try to resist, manipulate or direct energy against undesired actions. This is exactly how the Intel agencies often use felons to do their dirty work esp. What would happen if we "handled the Truth"? 0. Stolen Youth: How the woke, like all totalitarians, are targeting our children (Video), Americans In Sudan Left By Biden To Fend For Themselves Amid Armed Conflict Chaos, The Power of Paper: A double edged sword for either tyranny or justice (Video), The Western World Has Forsaken All of Its Former Values, Thanks to Washingtons Abuse of the Reserve Currency Role, the Dollar Is on Its Way Out, The EU has gobbled up Ukrainian grain meant for Africa, US blackmails nations into confronting Moscow and Beijing, When clowns move into the palace, they do not become kings, the palace becomes a circus. The Feather of Justice. Dr. David E. Martin -Butterfly of the Week, 4 May 2020: What&#8217;s Worse &#8211; Disease, Response, or Experts? Dalai Lama Previously Took Selfie With Democrat Mayor Charged With Possession of Child Pornography, BRAZEN TO THE EXTREME! We burn up energy trying to change but ignore the physics of a top. (Video), Washington State Analysts the Latest Group to Discover THOUSANDS of Illegal Election Donation Mules Donating MILLIONS to Democrat PAC Act Blue, Ukraine outright lied a second time about the frantically negotiated Ukraine Black Sea grain deal, CIAs surveillance methods on Assange revealed, DEVELOPING: One Dead, Three Seriously Wounded in Shooting at Los Angeles Trader Joes Suspect in Custody, Transgender Youth Most Likely Group To Support Violent Radicalization, Peer Reviewed Study Finds, MASS CASUALTY EVENT DECLARED AFTER A ROOF COLLAPSED AT APOLLO THEATRE DURING A CONCERT IN BELVIDERE IL (Video), INSECT FOOD IS SLOWLY FILLING THE RETAIL CHAINS. BREAKING LEAK: Trump Hit with 34 Counts Related to Business Fraud! On the menu this week Has the Covid-19 epidemic crossed to the wrong side of the law? Moira, Its right at the top, Your email address will not be published. Wednesday, April 05, 2023 5:00:28 AM David Martin's Proposed Legal Action This information came from David's Video, shown below Here's Butterfly of the Week #5, a weekly event where we go live on Facebook to break down and discuss a contemporary topic, with viewer participation greatly encouraged. The Loss of a loved one in an era of COVID: Hydroxychloroquine HCQ Evidence of conspiracy that killed over 100K Americans! It looks like Zio-Anglo-American Axis has poisoned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the final stretch of campaign season. As always there is a Soros-supported Khazarian agent behind every highly consequential and outrageous travesty of justice like this one. April Fools Day is cancelled this year because.. Change from the center gives life to what comes next! Kind regards. THE SECRET PLAN FOR THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY LAID BARE. BREAKING: Jason Whitlock Says the Quiet Part Out Loud on Tucker Carlson Suggests Secession from Liberal States (VIDEO), I Will Kill You!- Psycho CBS News Crew Member Violently Attacks Independent Journalist Outside Trump Arraignment in New York City (VIDEO), Dr. John Diamond Reveals How the Covid Vax Will Usher in a Zombie Apocalypse! Crazy Uganda interview about LGBTIQ rights (Video), WOW! Something Very Dramatic Has Changed: Matt Taibbi Says Democrats Ditched Free Speech, BoE Governor Admits UK Banking System Faces Very Heightened Tension, Twitter Restricts Marjorie Taylor Greenes Account After She Shares Info About Trans Day of Vengeance, Daily Wires Michael Knowles Suspended on Twitter For Posting Bible Verse. NWO Geoengineers battering nations midsection with manufactured superstorms and tornadoes yet again! Are Jews responsible for the destruction of Western Civilization as Tobias Langdon claims or Is the cause self-destruction resulting from white liberal attacks on white confidence [or both]?! Dr. David E. Martin Discussing Informed Consent - Carrots, Sticks and Syringes. imperfections are most probably our projection of absent from the Taliban Releases Video of Fields of US Military Vehicles, Piles of US High-End Weapons, and Room Filled with Stacks of 100 Dollar Bills Joe Biden Surrendered to Taliban, Netanyahu cant fire the Israeli President like he did his Defense Minister, Brazilian BOMBSHELL: Mounting Evidence Ties Criminal Syndicates Plan to Murder Senator Moro to President Lula Moro Was the Judge Who Sent Lula to Prison, Adam Kinzinger Linked to Pro-Ukraine Organization Which Allegedly Scammed People Out of MILLIONS of Dollars, Another Election System Provider Tenex Software Like Knowink Connects to Internet, Not Certified, Not Audited, Across Numerous States, United Airlines Still Has Vax Mandate on 3/26/23 (Video), Go, Go, Go! By the way, the massive Minnesota fishkill indicates a much larger HUGE radioactive leak. The most fundamental change we perceive in life the passage of seasons is because earth wobbles. WATCH!!! Sneak Peak on Next Butterfly of the Week!! Fake News 60 Minutes Runs Entire Segment on Ray Epps Without Showing HIS CRIMINAL ASSAULT CAUGHT ON VIDEO Eight Other Men Are Serving Years in Prison Today for Standing Next to Epps and Committing Same Criminal Act, Dozens of foreign mercenaries killed in Iskander strike Russia, We Need To Recognize How Spectacular This Moment In This World Is Today.. (Video), Hang on! Russian Cruise Missiles Destroyed In Drone Attack On Crimea Amid Xi Visit, Ukraine Says. Unless they're chocolate chip, I'm not a big fan of cookies. Brazen Indian Vigilantes Gun Down Two Brothers On Live TV Right In Front Of Police And Journalists (Video), How Just One Trans Influencer Is Taking Down Corporate America (Video), The coming globalized digital money system just got the endorsement it needed to proceed as the replacement for fiat paper currencies, MSM Pro-Trans Gaslighting Explodes Nationwide as GOP-dominated States Terminate the Practice of Child Mutilation and Sterilization (Video), SUPER-STAGED! Every American ought to read this divide and distracted page from the Khazarian playbook. People keep asking me: Whats the big deal about de-Dollarization? Maybe THIS can explain it to them.. Project Icebreaker: The Beginning Of A One World Digital Currency System? Zelensky and team stole at least $400 million of US aid [and most likely many millions more than that], DeSantis to expand Dont Say Gay law to all grades, Jail Energy CEOs in Hague For TREASON, Punish Climate Deniers RFK Jr. (Video), Bragg Sues Jim Jordan To Stop Brazen And Unconstitutional Attack On Trump Prosecution. fountains of liberty in which all is functioning in every moment in its Texas Mass Shooter Francisco Oropesa is a Previously Deported Illegal Alien Manhunt Still Underway $80,000 Reward, WOW! Olympic medallist calls for Nike boycott EVERYONE, please join her! are Mar 10, 2022. by Dr. David Martin January 19, 2021. So, whatever they are developing is not really a vaccine. REALLY?!?! I have lived through the Cold War, Y2K, 9-ll and numerous Godzilla movies. Latest videos from our YouTube Channel! Nashville City Council Reinstates Radical Democrat Expelled for Leading Insurrection in State Capitol MSNBC Compares Reinstatement to Jesus Christs Resurrection (VIDEO), Russia Using Space Weapons In Ukraine: US General, Anheuser-Busch Distributors Freaking Out Over Transgender Ad Campaign, France Has Already Surrendered To The Coming Conflict, Louisiana State Rep. Jeremy LaCombe is Third Democrat to Switch to Republican Party in a Month, Rep. Jim Jordan: FBI Is Infiltrating Catholic Parishes Agents Engaging in Outreach with Catholic Clergy to Inform on Americans Practicing Christian Faith, Bank of England Expeditiously Building Its CBDC Team, How two bills would expand gun laws in Kentucky, MUST SEE: Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus tricked ex-PM Francois Hollande to tell the truth about Kievs 8-year preparation for Ukraine War with deceitful EU collusion. CHILD GENOCIDE ALERT! 'Butterfly' of the Week: Hidden in Plain Sight The competition against the Zio-Anglo-American Axis & North Atlantic Terrorist Organization just got a LOT stiffer! Zelenskys Nazi Regime Does The Unthinkable, 18 European Countries Sign Joint Ammunition Donation For Ukraine To Perpetuate The Unwinnable War, REALLY?!? Disneyland sees an unparalleled and dramatic fire right after LGBT pride night for children (Video), CLAIM: NASA Satellite Crashed in Kiev Ukraine. A free community to share David and Kim's Butterfly's, Interviews, Clips and More! You are both a breath of fresh air, and your knowledge is amazing. Make sure to subscribe to my channel on Youtube, and follow our Facebook page to never miss an episode! The US blew up the Nord Stream pipelines because it was unhappy with a lack of German support for Ukraine, Commercial Real Estate Is The Next Shoe To Drop Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist at BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research, Now the Khazarian Masters of Death & Destruction are even blowing up chocolate factorieslike totally destroying them beyond repair! 137 0 obj <>stream REVEALED: Committed Leftist Judge Juan Merchan Who Oversees Trumps Sham Case in NYC Court Made Political Contributions to Stop The Republicans and Biden For President, VAX FOR TAX: Covid vaccines have caused a surge in IRS estate tax revenues as fully vaccinated wealthy people DIE, Chinese Parents of Schoolchildren Forced to Sign Pledge of Atheism. Theres something very wrong with the murder of Cash App creator Bob Lee. Dr. David Martin Just Ended Covid, Fauci, DOJ And Politicians by Stew Peters Show - July 20, 2021. (Video), Senate Bill Forces Appliance Makers to Reveal Spy Devices In Fridges, Washing Machines, The GATHERING Storm in Ukraine Spells Doom for the West. The people that think the you arent going to change is negative, they dont comprehend ALL the rest of what is written there. He has worked closely with the United States Congress and numerous trade and financial regulatory agencies in the United States. We Are Sick and Tired of Your Bullsh!t Gen. Mike Flynn SLAMS Former Boss Barack Obama, Jeremy Brown Sentenced to 7 Years and 3 Months in Prison for Refusing to Work as an Undercover Operative for FBI on January 6 and Then Later Releasing Audio of His Meeting with FBI, Trump Hanging Judge Juan Merchan UNMASKED (Video), IMPORTANT FLASBACK! Link to Davids notes: Link to Attorney General William Barrs memo: Research funding pause announcement due to biosecurity risks: Washington post on state department cables: CDC Epidemic intelligence service report Feb 14: The Declaration of a State of Emergency and the ensuing lockdown which exempts persons deemed essential without any basis in scientific fact or in Critical Infrastructure definition under the U.S. DHS violates the legal standard set forth in Jew Ho v. Williamson, 103 F. 10, 26 (C.C.N.D. Democrat-run Cities Getting Very Dangerous for White Residents (Video), Rep. Mark Green Lambastes DHS Sec. Third Major Bank to Fail Since March, Toronto Catholic teacher tweets incessantly about 2SLGBTQI issues, What Tucker Could Not Talk About, Bank Runs Coming, Nuke War Coming (Video), WOWSER! Heres how the central banksters are intimidating celebrities to stop promoting crypto. Butterfly of The Week - Kim & David Martin Butterfly of the Week, a weekly event where we go live on Facebook to break down and discuss a contemporary topic, with viewer participation greatly encouraged. (Video), CHEMICAL TERRORISM AGAIN! Yet another corporate GET WOKE, GO BROKE casualty, BREAKING: Travis County Jury Finds Texas Soldier Guilty of MURDER For Shooting Armed BLM-Antifa Protester in Self Defense During 2020 Riots, You Should Mind Your Manners Mr. President. Due to safety concerns, plans for the National Erebus Memorial at Auckland's Dove Myer Robinson Park have been shelved. I teach you how to be the difference that makes the difference - at work and home. hb``f``=ADXa , a}X ,b !C G\*z*T0~e}2H3c} (@B*f Butterfly of the Week, 6 December '21: Is there anything else to say. What Moderna and Pfizer are really developing is something to reduce symptoms. Extreme and blinding Russophobia dooming all Western Powers and their many client states, TRUTH BOMBS! A big announcement was made in Orem, Utah. Why is Speaker McCarthy willing to raise the federal debt ceiling by yet another $1.5 trillion?! Deaths arent spiking, just cases. WOWSER! I wonder if I may reference you in my public speeches in October this year as part of my mayoral campaign in my local district in NZ? ", I touch people at their core - which transforms them from the inside out. Where The COVID19 Cases Come From, Virus Isolation Myths and PCR Technology, Ordinary People-COVID Knowledge and Experiences, Notice to School Not Giving Consent to COVID Measures, Short Follow Up Letter to UK MP 07 May 2020, Letter emailed to 1000s of UK Schools (Early June), Letter to Derbs Primary Health Care Trust Copied to CQC, Boycott Businesses who use COVID-19 related measures/rules, Encourage Businesses/Organisations to Open Normally, Letter Mask/Face Coverings Policy To Rail Operator (edit for re-use), Letter to Metro Editor Re Birmingham Freedom Gathering, 15 Aug 2020, Legal Advice Framework Open Letter Care Workers 26 July 2021, May 2021-COVID Vaccination Questions Leaflet, Extra-parliamentary corona investigation committee, NHS injection harm whistleblower ordered to get jabbed or lose job, Wall Street, the Nazis, and the Crimes of the Deep State Dr David Hughes, Helping a Health Worker, Dr Robert Malone, Fuellmich Grand Jury Closing Statements. Is this Dylan Mulvaney really a highly mind-controlled, CIA-trained, Hollywood-prepped trans actor contracted to stage the LGBTQIA commercials and other cultural marxist parts?! Disneyland Welcomes Children Of All Ages To Gay And Transgender Pride Nite, WOW! (Video), Trans-formationand the binary reality of sex and politics (Podcast), TREASONOUS! India scolds UK for diplomatic indifference, SCOTUS Overturns Appeals Court Upholding Abortion Without Parental Consent. During that time, a slight case of arthritis led him to discover that nutrition makes a difference and nutrition became a serious hobby. Now the rape, pillage and plunder of the Ukraine begins in earnest. Try to get the edge to change and you get burned up trying. tools to consider the perfection of now and recognize that its perceived Trumps Attorney Joe Tacopina Discusses Looming Indictment As Naked Political Prosecution By A Weaponized DA Office (Video), They Are Attacking Christianity Woman Pushes A Priest Off The Stage During A Live Mass Broadcast (Video), NWO Weather Warriors Targeting Conservative Midwest and Christian South with Unrelenting Acts of Geoterrorism. Please enter your e-mail address. Butterfly of the Week, 27 April 2020: Under House Arrest as a Result of a Crime Committed by the CDC - 4-28-20 . I dont know, but Im not interested in putting it to the test. Tim Boyd was born and raised in Ohio, graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a degree in computer engineering, and worked in the defense industry in Northern Virginia for over 20 years. TRUTH BOMB! 23 talking about this. Wow. This 30-Second Sales Pitch for Microchipping Yourself Is Real (Video), 5 reasons to believe the global population is already one billion people less than it was in January 2020. ), Now we see how the MOSSAD infiltrates Hollywood, Theater and the Music Industry, UNBELIEVABLE! ! House Rep Explodes At Ex-Twitter Exec For Shadowbanning Her (Video), You Dont Know What The Warrant Says? Grilled FBI Director Displays His IgnoranceAGAIN! When we think of organizational change, most people think about resistance. Wind Power Fails On Every Count Eminent Oxford Scientist, Desperate Zio-Anglo-American Axis warmongering greatly accelerates Eurasian integration, The Suspended Stanford Law School Diversity Dean Exposes Cultural Marxist Takeover of Americas Elite Universities, Russia will place nuclear weapons in Belarus Putin, Berlin weans itself off Russian gas to become US LNG addict German MP. Why are both Putin and Trump being indicted within a few days of each other? Kids are Grown for Children Sex Brothels and for Organ Harvesting Video Interview. Help stop two bad vaccine bills in the Alabama Legislature! VERY SUSPICIOUS! DeSantis looks like a guilty church boy after his interview criticizing Trump. Conservatives applauded Twitter CEO Elon Musk after his social media platform designated National Public Radio as state-affiliated media on Tuesday. He is the developer of the first innovation-based quantitative index of public equities and is the Managing Partner of the Purple Bridge Funds. Creating real transformation from the inside out, he shows and teaches people how to be the difference that makes the difference. (Video), Dr. Chinda Brandolino on how the U.S. CDC prepares people for a zombie invasion (Video), Could the Covid Jab be the Trojan horse that delivers the Zombie Apocalypse? By discerning the 'center of mass' of the systems that need transformation and introducing a subtle shift in the middle, he's changed the transformation game. Heres a breakdown of the complex and very stealthy MSM-CIA-MILITARY psyop to childishly deceive Russia. Again, no one shows up in the UK Parliament to listen to testimony about the COVID-19 vaccine-induced injury payment programs (Video), New and Improved Fetterman Does Interview with CBS Sunday Morning; Reveals Shocking Details of Post-Election Condition (Video), We have left the Democratic Party for dead in the state of Florida. (Video), By and large, the people in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. In the video below, Dr. David Martin reads this excerpt from the report: . MUST VIEW! Mother Files Lawsuit Against School District Over 11-Year-Old Daughters Secret Gender Transition, Heres Proof The CIA Staged A Coup Against President Nixon (Video), Breaking: Smoking Gun Proof Of Bidens Treason (Must View Video). As SOTN predicted: How Many Children Have to be Murdered Before Republicans in Congress Pass the Assault Weapons Ban KJP Following Nashville School Shooting (VIDEO), Ukraine War Back Story Told By One Short Video, Whenever BIBI BLINKS, Netanyahu knows hes in BIG Trouble, Ted Nugent Justifiably Attacks Ukraines Zelensky as Homosexual Weirdo, This is what the communist-run Democrat Party want to see done to the USA. H|Un@}W-/!5m Woke Bud Light Executive Behind Dylan Mulvaney Marketing Campaign Trashes Bud Light and Its Customers During Interview Gets Buried on Social Media by Catturd and Others (VIDEO), Putin has one last step before a decisive blow to the West, Heres why the leaked secret plan for a Ukrainian military offensive doesnt add up, Russia almost shot down British spy plane WaPo, CANUCK FEMINAZI ALERT! A pain-killer. "According to the data, which is submitted to the CDC by health departments across the country, the COVID-19 case rate in fully vaccinated people rose by more than 1,000 percent between Dec. 11, 2021, and Jan. 8, 2022. (Creative Commons License - Reference) David E. Martin 2020 1 Notes for Monday, April 27, 2020 Laws that You Need to Know U.S. Constitution: Article One, Section 8, clause 8, To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries %PDF-1.6 % President Trump pulls out all the stops with clarion call for nationwide . They dont have time. Operation Warp Speed sounds very Star Trekvery high-tech, very advanced. Why not? 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